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A Night On the Lash, Seren
This is my most recent published collection.

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Cuba Libre at the Café España

My Father’s First Day at Work

Half asleep in the grey smudge of September
rain a carthorse sneezes towards fleeting
dazzles of the sun.

Its hooves click on a cobbled yard, its hide
flinches from my hand and rain trails its silver
filaments from tilted hooves.

The horse dreams me from its sweat of sleep
or I dream the horse, the day itself.
that smell of soap and leather,

a fly entering its nostril, this mane tangling
my fingers, the way its neck is coarse, hot,
and kissable with rain.

If I try to look away from these lost days
a boy distracts me, enters the yard
to set down pails of milk

and smiles towards me through a looming war
and does not recognise me and hardly tastes
the bit of work between his teeth.



A Night on the Lash

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