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New Poems
I’m currently compiling a New & Selected poems, reviewing my work over the past twenty years and coming to terms with its themes, style and preoccupations.  That's proved an interesting stimulus to new work, which will form a substantial section of the book - around thirty new poems.  The poems below are from this more recent work - and still in progress!

Ravens at Red Bank                         Flashbacks                         Visibility                         Bat Valley, Kampala



Ravens at Red Bank

a foursquare gliding dance
            a half-quadrille
an airborne masque of rare
           funereal etiquette
on the polished floor of sky
           where black
                      is de rigueur

their cries bump and grate
           iron gourds
from which the lake’s bright
            lead or liquid
                       slate  is poured

feathered spokes
           of  a sky-wheel turning
then tumbling to a dare
           shot dead
until their wings flick out
           to flirt
a carbon-diamond
                      sex appeal

we stumble to a halt
           stand staring skyward
in the wet sap-scent
           of this logged space
           one birch
                      goes up
                      as a radio

its budding tines
           capture the quadraphonic
           bring it down
to  wood anemones
           herb paris
humble in the grass
           the broken yokes
                      of celandines
           your raptured
                      upturned face.



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