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Aims and Objectives


The aims of the project are to develop the understanding of:

  • the connection between the acts and omissions by states in their bilateral relations with foreign states and the resulting breaches of human rights in the territory of the latter
  • states’ operations through multilateral organisations and resulting breaches of human rights
  • how the members of multilateral institutions (may) influence the decision making process to ensure human rights compliance.


The further aims are:

  • To develop principles of how extraterritorial obligations may be incorporated in the work to promote economic, social and cultural rights
  • To further the work on the legal theories of extraterritorial obligations of states.
  • To engage in high-level discussion on the experience with and implications of extraterritorial human rights effects of projects and programmes carried out by multilateral institutions.  These discussions will be carried out on an inter-disciplinary and inter-professional basis, gathering expertise from NGOs, academia, intergovernmental organisations and practitioners.

International Human Rights Obligations Network

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