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Publications and presentations


Jackson, C. (2006) 'Lads' and 'ladettes' in school: Gender and a fear of failure. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

Jackson, C. (2006) ‘Wild’ girls? An exploration of ‘ladette’ cultures in secondary schools, Gender and Education 18(4): 339-360.

Jackson, C. and Tinkler, P. (forthcoming) 'Ladettes' and 'Modern Girls': 'troublesome' young femininities, Sociological Review.


Jackson, C. 'Wild' girls? An exploration of 'ladette' cultures in secondary schools. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, Manchester, September 2004.

Jackson, C. and Tinkler, P.'Ladettes' and 'Modern Girls': Girls behaving badly? So what! Paper presented at the Fifth International Gender and Education Conference, University of Cardiff, 29-31 March 2005.

Jackson, C. It’s not just a 'boy thing': An exploration of 'it’s-not-cool-to-be-seen-working' attitudes amongst secondary school girls. Paper presented at The Twelfth International Conference on Learning, University of Granada, Spain, 11–14 July 2005.

Jackson, C. 'The bad girls don’t really work hard and then they get really popular': an exploration of girls' attitudes and approaches to schoolwork. Paper presented as part of the symposium 'Young femininities: Subordinated and oppositional femininities' at The British Educational Research Association Conference, University of Glamorgan, 14–17 September 2005.

Jackson, C. 'School is uncool': What motivates 'laddish' behaviours in secondary schools? Paper presented at the Psychology in Education Conference, University of Lancaster, 21st November 2005.






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