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Principal Investigators:
Paul Chilton (Lancaster University)
Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University)
Yi Li (Nankai University)
Hailong Tian (Tianjin University of Commerce)
Network Facilitator:
Hailong Tian


  • Funded by the Leverhulme Trust, Academic Collaboration-International Network, No. F00185O
  • The historic economic, social and political changes taking place in China are bound up with changing discourses, reflecting new practices, identities, values and attitudes.
  • By 'discourse' we understand primarily the use of language(s) in diverse but systematic ways, as an intrinsic part of the fabric of any society.
  • As China changes, so do images of China in the West: the project aims also to investigate the representation of China in Western media.
  • The project brings together Chinese and Western scholars : all serious scholars are encouraged to contribute and participate as the network's participants.
  • Participants are invited to share the interactive page on this website NDCC Forum.
  • The project aims to encourage and facilitate publications.
  • The fourth international conference on New Discourses in Contemporary China will be held in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, China, in the year of 2011. (View its poster)

    The third international conference on New Discourses in Contemporary China is held in Nankai University on 15-16 May, 2009. (View the plenary speeches, the parallel presentations, and the participants)

    The second colloquium of New Discourses in Contemporary China was held in Lancaster University on 20-21 September, 2007. (View the colloquium report, the participants, the abstracts, and the photo)