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Project Outputs

This project’s objectives were:

  1. To conduct a literature review on the teaching-research nexus and the significance of discipline and context to it. Draft version for downloading, below.
  2. To conduct new empirical work in contrasting institutional settings among four different disciplines/domains, providing new data on the differences between the conceptualisation, understanding and development of research-LTAC linkages. Different settings within the University of Arts London have been selected and the focus of this project is on four different creative arts disciplines: fine art; graphic design; fashion product design and theatre production. Details included in the final project report are available below, including a report of empirical findings and a consideration of their implications for the enhancement of LTAC in the selected disciplines.

The outcomes of the project are designed to provide a well-theorised and empirically researched basis for future work on research, LTAC practices and the student experience. 

Deliverable 1:Literature review

Deliverable 2: Project Findings

Published paper: from this project:

Trowler, P. and Wareham, T. (2007) Reconceptualising the Teaching-Research Nexus. In HERDSA Proceedings of the Annual HERDSA Conference 2007: Enhancing Higher Education Theory and Scholarship. 8-11 July 2007, Adelaide Australia. ISSN 1441001X. ISBN 0908557728.

Conference papers derived from this project were given during 2007 at HERDSA (Adelaide), Marwell (invitation only), HEA conference (Harrogate), ISL (Dublin) and AISHE (NUI Maynooth).



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