Stage One of a pilot project investigating how the early Quakers in the North West interacted with their environment.

Professor Hilary Hinds, Professor Alison Findlay, Professor Emeritus Meg Twycross,
Department of English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University

British Academy Larger Research Grant of £9,698 (2004-2005)
Research Assistant (2004-2005), Dr Tom Charlton

With many thanks to the Library of the Society of Friends, Friends House, London
© Images of the two manuscripts and of the 1694 edition are copyright of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain;
photography by the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (DIAMM)


Website in progress showing:

•        About the website.
•        An electronic parallel-text edition of the three versions of George Fox’s Journal for the years 1652-3.
•        Biographies, and selections from other Quaker and non-Quaker testimony.
•        Maps, modern and contemporary, showing travels and networks of Fox and other leading Quakers.
•        Images of key places: courts, prisons, buildings for worship, as well as towns,
         markets, and rural landscapes.
•        Videos accompanying significant episodes from Fox’s Journal: e.g. Pendle Hill, Firbank Fell,
          Swarthmoor Hall, Lancaster Castle, Morecambe Sands.

Fox among the fells: Draw-Well and the Howgills from Firbank Church