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DAWN: Disabled Asian Women's Network - Nelson

Contacting us:

Mehmooda Bhatt
DAWN, Over 55's Social Centre, Railway Street, Nelson, BB9 5PJ
01282 698824


  • To educate parents and families and recognise that when there is a disabled youngster in the family, the whole family can be affected.
  • Practical Advice
  • Often funding causes providers to categorise learners in a particular way, from experience it is very important to see the learner as a whole person and not simply as a learner with a disability, or a learner who is from a minority ethnic community.
  • Make sure the environment and learning activities take account of the physical, sensory, emotional, religious and cultural needs of the learner. Single sex provision is necessary for Muslim girls and women. It is also useful if workers are bi-lingual as well as female.
  • The family plays a crucial role, it is essential to involve parents and family in discussions about provision and provide them with support and information about what opportunities are available.

REAP was formerly known as the Community Access Programme (CAP)


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