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East Lancashire into Employment (ELE) - Burnley

Contacting us:

Brenda Kean
East Lancs into Employment, Queen Street Mill Business Units, Harrison Street, Briercliffe, Burnley, BB10 2HE
01282 456186 FAX 01282 413973



  • To offer training to people who are disabled or disadvantaged and who wish to consider becoming self employed.
  • To work on an integrated basis through community events and exhibitions, ELE promotes many diverse enterprises, enabling a sharing of skills.
  • Practical Advice
  • Develop an awareness of community needs in order to address grass root issues for people socially excluded due to their disability or disadvantage.
  • Although community initiatives may sometimes appear small and only marginally productive, individuals make enormous personal gains in self-esteem and confidence knowing that they can and are making a contribution to the local community.
  • Agreed customised programmes where individual needs are identified and addressed is the best approach for successfully supporting learning.
  • REAP was formerly known as the Community Access Programme (CAP)


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