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Nguzo Saba - Preston

For Further Information Contact:
Nguzo Saba Centre
16-18 Derby Street
Preston, PR1 1DT

Telephone: 01772 883733

Charity no: 1085210


The Nguzo Saba Centre is an umbrella organisation, established jointly by some of Preston's most experienced and recognised groups and individuals in the area of community and cultural development within the broader African community i.e. black people of African descent (African, African Caribbean, black British)

The centre provides support and guidance for groups and individuals from within the community or whose work benefits the community. The centre also provides an informed voice on cultural and community development issues.

Project Activity Groups

Examples of projects Nguzo Saba Centre has been involved in include:
Fashion design and making; Fashion modelling; dance aerobics; lessons, workshops and performances in dance and music, (traditional and contemporary African); Black History Month celebrations; Caribbean Carnival; health projects (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical); youth projects, family learning projects and community capacity building projects.

The Nguzo Saba centre is always looking for new projects, and for people who are willing to get involved. The Nguzo Saba Centre member groups are:

  • Raven Project - music, dance, design and cultural awareness
  • Transition 13 - an education and health project, expertise in the area of holistic health practice
  • Homework Centre - a project run in partnership with Lancashire County Council for African heritage children
  • Linking Hands – building bridges and links with projects in the UK and in other countries in Asia and Africa
  • Umoja – women’s project
  • Preston Sickle Cell and Thalassarmia Society - information, guidance and campaigning on issues around sickle cell and Thalassaemia.
    Black Caucus Group – African group based in Blackburn
  • Lancashire African Association – holds various social and fundraising activities

Additional Information


The Nguzo Saba Centre gives support to individuals and groups locally via its' range of facilities such as:

Meeting rooms; IT; PA/music facilities; Sewing and design; administrative support; books and videos on culture and identity; Contacts and addresses.

REAP was formerly known as the Community Access Programme (CAP)


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