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Lancashire Aimhigher Disability Resources

The following resources have been made in response to questions, suggestions and examples of good practice gathered from Aimhigher Co-ordinators, Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators (SENCO), Learning Support Managers and Higher Education Disability Advisors.

LAD Information Sheet 1 - Learning support staff and disability advisors' contact details

LAD Information Sheet 2 – Information for teachers in Secondary Schools

LAD Information Sheet 3 – Information for staff working in Sixth Form and Further Education Colleges

LAD Information Sheet 4 – Information for staff working in Higher Education

LAD Information Sheet 5 - Information for parents of disabled students / pupils on SEN registers or SchoolAction plus

LAD Information Sheet 6a – Websites:Information, Advice and Guidance

LAD Information Sheet 6b – Websites: Institutional, Staff Development

LAD Information Sheet 6c– Websites:Teaching and Learning

For ideas and links to other websites please contact Rebecca Marsden


Families Information Sheet 3 - Working with parents to improve access into higher education for disabled students
For further family related information see Lancashire Aimhigher, National Families Conference

For further information about this project please contact Ann-Marie Houghton. Tel: 01524 592907

Email: Email address protected by JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript to contact me.


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