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Publications, Papers and Reports

REAP explores widening access to learning amongst excluded groups of learners of all ages. Our research pays particular attention to issues of disability, gender, social class, race and ethnicity. We consider the cultural, social and economic barriers experienced by individuals seeking access to learning and the ways in which policy and practice impact upon learners. For these reasons we have placed our publications and reports within a variety of learning and policy contexts:

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Armstrong, J. and Piggott, L. (2006) 'Improving access to higher education for disabled students’ Paper presented to the Aimhigher Research Network (NW) Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, July 2006.

Houghton, A. and Dempster, S., (2008) 'An evaluation of Aimhigher Cumbria's contribution to the Carlisle Information Advice and Guidance Task Group', Lancaster, REAP: Researching Equity, Access and Participation, Lancaster University.

Houghton, A. (2003) 'The Many Voices of the Invisible Citizen: Disabled People Speaking Out' in P. Coare and R. Johnston (Eds.) Adult Learning, Citizenship and Community Voices, Leicester: NIACE.

Wray, M. and Houghton, A. (2007) 'Disability: A rough guide for Widening Participation Practitioners', Action on Access. Available in pdf format or word format



Moser, M. (2006) ‘Rural primary school choice: a ‘right, good, local’ school’, BERA Annual Conference, University of Warwick, September 2006

Moser, M. (2005) ‘School size matters: small school responses to the market’, British Educational Research Association BERA Annual Student Conference, University of Glamorgan, September 2005

Moser, M. (2004) ‘Location, Location, Location: placing the rural primary school and the local community within the spatial market’, Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, University of Manchester, 16-18 September 2004 and at the Royal Geographical Society Conference, London, September 2005

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FE and HE Institutions

Dempster, S., (2011) 'I drink, therefore I'm man: gender discourses, alcohol and the construction of British undergraduate masculinities', Gender and Education, 23(5), 635-653.

Dempster, S., (2009) 'Having the balls, having it all? Sport in the construction of undergraduate masculinities', Gender and Education, 21(5) 481-500.

Dempster, S. and Houghton, A., (2008). An Evaluation of 'Up2uni: A staff development programme to develop the role of teachers in guidance and encouraging pupils. Lancaster, REAP: Researching Equity, Access and Participation, Lancaster University.

Houghton, A-M. and Oglesby, K. L. (1996) 'Guidance and Learner Support: Developing Threshold Standards', Adults Learning, 7(6), 146-147.

Jackson, C. and Dempster S., (2009) 'I sat back on my computer . . . with a bottle of whisky next to me': Constructing 'cool' masculinity through 'effortless' achievement in secondary and higher education, Journal of Gender Studies, 18(4), 341-356.

Jackson, C. and Dempster S., (2009) 'Laddish masculinities in schools and university: exploring continuities and discontinuities', Paper presented by Carolyn Jackson at the Gender and Education Association 7th International Conference, March 2009, Institute of Education, University of London.

Riddell, S., Weedon, E., Fuller. M., Healey, M., Hurst, A., Kelly, K. and Piggott, L. (2007). Managerialism, equalities and access for disabled students. Higher Education, 54(4), 615-628.

Warin, J. and Dempster, S., (2007) 'The salience of gender during the transition to Higher Education: male students' accounts of performed and authentic identities', British Educational Research Journal, 33(6), 887-903.

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The Community

Moser, M. (2004) ‘Location, Location, Location: placing the rural primary school and the local community within the spatial market’, Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference, The Royal Geographical Society, London, September 2005.

Preece, J. and Houghton, A-M. (2000) 'Nurturing Social Capital in Excluded Communities: A kind of higher education', Aldershot: Ashgate.

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The Workplace

Armstrong, J. (2006) ‘Beyond ‘juggling’ and ‘flexibility’: classed and gendered experiences of combining employment and motherhood’, Sociological Research Online, 11 (2)

Houghton, A. and Morrice, L. (2008) Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants: steps on the education and employment progression journey. Leicester: NIACE

Piggott, L., and Houghton, A. (2007) 'Transition experiences of disabled young people', International Journal of Lifelong Education, 26(5), 573-587.

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Policy and Practice

Grover, C. and Piggott, L. (2007) 'Social security, employment and Incapacity Benefit: critical reflections on A new deal for welfare', Disability and Society, 22(7), 733-746.

Grover, C. and Piggott, L. (2005) ‘Disabled people, the reserve army of labour and welfare reform', Disability and Society, 20(7), 707-719.

Piggott, L., Sapey, B., and Wilenius, F. (2005) ‘Out of touch: local government and disabled people's employment needs’, Disability and Society, 20(6), 599-611.

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