Upcoming Presentations

JULY 2014
Amelia Joulain will be giving a paper entitled ‘Deriving historical insight from large digital collections of texts’ at the Peking University/Lancaster University Symposium at Lancaster University on 4-5/7/2014 and a paper entitled ’Places in the Victorian periodical press: Mobilizing corpus linguistics and geographical information systems to uncover
nineteenth-century media representations of place’, at PGLING at Lancaster University on 14/7/2014.

Ian Gregory will be leading a half-day workshop on GIS in the Digital Humanities at Digital Humanities 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland, 8/7/2014. Follow this link for information on how to register.

Christopher Donaldson will be representing the project at the Australasian Victorian Studies Association Conference at the University of Hong Kong, 10-12/7/14.

Christopher Donaldson and Patricia Murrieta-Flores will be representing the project at Lancaster’s Mobilities Cultures Colloquium on 5/9/2014.

Amelia Joulain will be representing the project at RSVP2014 on 11-13/9/2014 at the University of Delaware, where she will present a paper entitled ’Places, Spaces and the
Victorian Periodical Press’.

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