Expert Meetings

In order to foster collaboration between scholars in the humanities and experts in the design and application of geospatial technologies, we are hosting a series of three expert meeting throughout the project.

The first two of these meetings, ‘Digital Texts and Geographic Technologies in the Digital Humanities’, took place at Lancaster University on 8 and 9 July 2013. One focused on methodologies in the digital and spatial humanities and the second was specific to the Lake District analysis.

The third expert meeting was held 28th November 2016 and focused on ‘prospects for research in demographic history and the history of public health and health inequalities’ in the digital and spatial humanities. Speakers included:

Catherine Porter (Spatial Humanities project)

Ian Shuttleworth (Queen’s University Belfast)

Andy Beveridge (Social Explorer, Inc.)

Paul Norman (University of Leeds)

Colin Pooley (Lancaster University)

Paul Atkinson (Spatial Humanities project)

Eilidh Garrett (Cambridge Group for the History of Popn and Social Structure)

Alice Reid (Cambridge Group for the History of Popn and Social Structure)

Isabelle Devos (University of Ghent)

Kevin Schürer (University of Leicester)

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