How to Use this Electronic Edition

This electronic edition of John Ruskin's "Modern Painters" Volume I has been designed for use with Internet Explorer. It requires a Javascript-aware browser (such as Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later), and "cookies" need to be enabled for some of the features of this edition.

The front page of this edition is based on George Richmond's famous portrait of Ruskin. By clicking on this image, you will be taken to the "Introduction" page. By clicking on one of the underlined items on that page, you will be taken to

Alternatively it is possible to go directly to the text of "Modern Painters" I. You will arrive at the first page (page xlvii) of the synopsis, or detailed table of contents, of the Third (1846) edition.

From page xlvii it is possible to move to another page of the synopsis, using the "next page" and "previous page" arrows (see below). Clicking on a page number sends you to the selected page of the main text of the edition you are currently looking at.

Annotated Page Diagram

The above diagram represents a typical page of the electronic edition. The main feature is a facsimile of a particular page from one of the editions of "Modern Painters" Volume I. From this page it is possible:

Clicking on the "MS" button sends you to a page of one of the manuscripts of "Modern Painters" I, MA 2389 and MA 393 in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. This page contains a facsimile of a verso and recto page, taken from a microfilm of the relevant manuscript, by permission of the Pierpont Morgan Library. From here you can go to the previous and next pages, bring up a small window which enables you directly to visit any other page of the two manuscripts, or go to the corresponding page of any of the published editions, using a similar mechanism to the ones described above. You can also bring up a transcription by Professor Michael Wheeler of these pages of the manuscript, and a set of notes by Professor Wheeler on the manuscript and transcription.