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Victorian Life Writing: Sources and Resources


Please see below for further details of papers given at the conference.

Plenary Speakers

Author Title
Philip Davis Life Writing: What Isn't?
Robert Hewison Sex in the City, Death in Venice: An Argument with Ruskinian Myth
George Landow Ruskin, Praeterita and Autobiography in an Age of New Media
Alison Milbank A Fine Grotesque or a Pathetic Fallacy? The Life of Objects in the Autobiographical Writing of Ruskin, Proust and Huysmans
Jeffrey Richards John Ruskin, Wilson Barrett and the Toga Play


Author Title
Elizabeth Adams The Craft of the Sensational Author
Ian Bliss, Roger Garside and Ray Haslam Counting the Stones: An Electronic Version of Ruskin's Venetian Notebooks
Silvana Colella Soft Control: Trollope's Autobiography and the Creative Ethos
Tess Cosslett Animal Auto/Biography: Black Beauty and Others
Martin Danahay From Brantwood to the Streets of London: Ruskin and Manual Labour
Alan Davis 'The skies of Turner were still bright': Ruskin in Folkestone, 1887
James Deboo 'Not that he lapsed into scepticism. No!': Christopher Wordsworth and his Uncle's Biography
Rachel Dickinson 'So Much Power with the Public': Pantomime's Ideal Woman in Ruskin's Construction of Moral Authority
Kamilla Elliott Gender Lines in Victorian Authobiographies
Ann Featherstone James Henry Frowde: A Life on the Margins
Valerie Fehlbaum 'Re-telling Whose Story?': Ella Hepworth Dixon's Memoirs, As I Knew Them
Dehn Gilmore Thomas Hardy and Italy
Keith Hanley 'Exodus from Houndsditch': Carlyle's Autogeography
Malcolm Hardman Writing One's Own Life as Praeterita: Heaven? California? Fairyland!!
Philip Harrison Ruskin on Life and Death in Venice and Elsewhere
Sarah Heidt 'The Materials for a Life': Collaboration, Publication and the Carlyles' Afterlives
Anselm Heinrich 'Theatrical representations are [...] highly beneficial to the character of a nation': Ruskin and the National Theatre
Kathryn Moore Heleniak A Voice From a Picture
Margaret Hulmes Celebrating the Lives of Heroes in Charlotte Bronte's Belgian Essays
Brian Ingram The Beneficent Enchanter: Sir Walter Scott and Nineteenth-Century Life Writing
Katherine Kreuter A Tempest in a Porridge Pot. The "Cowan Bridge Controversy" and The Life of Charlotte Bronte
Sara Lenaghan Fictional Afterlives: Writers as Characters and Character Borrowings
Andrew Leng 2 Boyhoods? Thornbury, Ruskin and the Double Lives of Turner
Monica Lewis A Newer Judgement: Elizabeth Bowen, Trollope's Autobiography and Alternative Modernisms
Damaso Lopez Grace Abounding to the Chief of Truthful Men
Simon Marsden Sites of Imagination in Emily Bronte's Diary Papers
Gail Marshall Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Shakespeare's Daughter?
Gillian Mawby Waiting for Ruskin's Funeral: 20 - 25 January 1900
Susan McPherson On 'being tempted to knit': Reviewing, Writing and Reading Autobiography
HollyGale Millette Blonde for Britain: The Trans-Atlantic Marketability of Lydia Thompson and the 'British Blondes'
Gerald P. Mulderig 'Plausible Schemes': Fact, Interpretation and the Rhetoric of Victorian Autobiography
Wendy Jones Nakanishi Locating Ruskin's Letters, Public and Private, in the English Epistolary Tradition
Kate Newey The Popular and the Literary: Debates over the Theatre in Late Ninteenth-Century London
Janice Norwood Sara Lane: Actress, Manager and East End Icon
Ji-Hyae Park 'Late Ruskin': Ruskin's Latest Afterlife
Natalie Phillips 'An Artist Lost': The Problematic Afterlife of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Podnieks 'Such then is this future husband of mine': Biographical Constructions of the Victorian Wife in Phyllis Rose's Parallel Lives
Sarah Quill 'Purple Alabasters': Ruskin and the Unnamed Palace at San Severo in Venice
Llion Pryderi Roberts 'Larger than Life': Owen Thomas's Life of John Jones, Talsarn
Abdus Salam A Controlled Revelation of Self under Victorian Constraints...
Richard Schoch Shakespeare the Victorian
Florian Schweizer Constructing a Writer's Life: Victorian Public Relations for Literary Men and Women
Debora Sherman A Sublime of Memory: A Mnemonics of Self in Self-Writing, Praeterita
Gay Sibley Victorian Life's Lacunae: Decorum and Denial in George Eliot's First Extant Letter
James Spates and Zachary Bullock Ruskin's Lost Political Economy: A First Draft for Unto This Last from his Unpublished Diaries
Cristina Stevens Real Fact and Aesthetic Truth: Glimpses on Charlotte Bronte
Martha Stoddard-Holmes Dinah Craik's Diaries, 1874-1887
Rebecca Styler-Shaw 'What does it matter now?': Margaret Oliphant's Anti-Autobiography
David Thiele Autobiography, Autocracy, Adult Education and Ruskin
Paul Vita Graveside Musings: Victorian Writers and their Epitaphs
Robert Walmsley The Ultimate Meaning of the Turner Bequest: A Ruskinian Interpretation
Sharon Aronofsky Weltman 'Pretty Frou-Frou Goes Demon Dancing': Identity Performance in Ruskin's Theatre, Science and Education
Stephen Wildman 'Scrawls and Rags?': John Ruskin's Venetian Drawings of 1876-7
Irene Wiltshire Victorian Life Writing: Elizabeth Gaskell's The Life of Charlotte Bronte as a Case Study

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