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The Ruskin Research Seminar

Ruskin's worksThe Ruskin Centre holds regular research seminars during term time, attended by around 30 people. The group includes academics from different disciplines in the Arts and Humanities, research students, MA students and other scholars - not all of them from the University - who are interested in Ruskin, as well as visitors from other institutions and overseas.


Thinking fast and slow: Ruskin Seminar Series 2018

Working at the time of fracture of the sciences from classical studies, poetry and religion, Ruskin was one of the last great truly interdisciplinary thinkers. This new seminar series will pair speakers from across the arts, humanities and sciences to debate how Ruskin's works challenged perception, language and perspective, and anticipated modes of thinking today.

‘The mind revolts’: Ruskin and Darwin
15th February, Bowland North, SR 23, 4.15-6.00pm

Cultural Historian, Robert Hewison will examine Ruskin’s view of Charles
Darwin’s The Origin of Species (1859) and the challenge Darwinism presented to his
own world view. Professor Rob Short, Director of the Lancaster University Material
Science Institute, will respond.

A former Professor in the English Department at Lancaster University, Robert Hewison has spent a lifetime
working on aspects of Ruskin. His first book, John Ruskin: The Argument of the Eye, was published in 1976,
his most recent in this field is Ruskin on Venice: The Paradise of Cities, published by Yale in 2010. He was
Slade Professor of Fine Art at Oxford and co-curator of the Tate Britain exhibition Ruskin, Turner and the
Pre-Raphaelites in Ruskin's centenary year, 2000.

Professor Short is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (FTSE). His
research focuses on biomaterials and tissue regeneration. He led the material development of myskin,
highlighted as a UK achievement in interdisciplinary research in the EPSRC Maxwell Report (2015). He was
a founder of Plasso Technology UK that developed tools for life science research. He has published +200
original peer reviewed papers and managed over £100M of grant funding.

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