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Disentangling Crisis Discourse

Date: 11 July 2012 Time: 10:30-17:00

Venue: Lancaster University, Bowland North Seminar Room 7

Disentangling Crisis Discourse

a one-day workshop on crisis discourse analysis at Lancaster University

Funded by the Departments of Sociology and Linguistics and English Language

organisers: Amelie Kutter (Sociology) and Johnny Unger (LAEL)

Wednesday 11th July, 2012, 10:30-17:00, Lancaster University, Bowland North SR7

"When Osborne launched his scorched earth policies two years ago, it was obvious to all but the most purblind that the recovery he blithely forecast could not happen," writes Will Hutton in The Observer [Sunday 29 April 2012]. Was it all that obvious? Why then, could these policies unfold? By organizing an event on "Disentangling Crisis Discourse" we seek to further understanding of how the financial crisis and its consequences are being communicated and constructed in public, political and everyday discourse. Its aim is to uncover which concepts and tools in discourse analysis can help us to cut through the jargon-laden buzz around crisis discourse. How can we apply systematic and rigorous analysis to problematise what commentators, journalists, bloggers and even academics take for granted as fact and figure, necessity and truth, in UK and elsewhere?

In the "Disentangling Crisis Discourse" event, a panel of internationally renowned academics in the field will provide some perspectives on crisis discourse from their own work. This will be accompanied by a workshop during which participants will carry out and discuss short pieces of analysis. After revision, these may later be published on the crisis discourse watch blog, a new site for ad-hoc analysis, commentary and discussion of crisis discourse.

Confirmed panelists

Jason Glynos (Essex)

Andrew Sayer (Lancaster)

Ruth Wodak (Lancaster)

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Who can attend: Anyone


Further information

Associated staff: Amelie Kutter, Andrew Sayer, Johann Unger (Linguistics and English Language), Ruth Wodak (Linguistics and English Language)

Organising departments and research centres: Linguistics and English Language, Sociology


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