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Research Areas

Computing, Communications and ICT, European Languages and Cultures, International and European law, Political economy, Theory

Young Sue Han

Research Student

Bowland North
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

PhD Supervision Interests

The impact of ‘Miracle on the Rhein' on formation of Yushin dictatorship under Park Chung Hee'

Current Research

My thesis deals with impact of German doctrines on formation of Yushin dictatorship in South Korea. After witnessing the fauilure of the nation-making of South Korea in the 1960s, the USA supported military fascism in South Korea based on Lipset hypothesis. The hypothesis argues that democracy preconditions economic growth. The military despotism can be benevolent along as it achieves economic growth and anti-communism. Hence, the USA supported a provisional military government led by Park Chung Hee in South Korea in the 1960s. By the late 1960s, the USA and Korea leader difffered on when to stop the military government after seeing remarkable economic achievement. The USA considered a return to democracy in their efforts for rapprochment with China. Park resisited the poliyc of USA and regarded it as a crisis. Park declared a 'state of emergency' of South Korea. Further, he incorporated a fascist-styled authoritarianism to pursue a heavy and chemical industry policy and a nuclear program. In conflict with the USA, Park mobilized German doctriens like Carl Schmitt, Fichte, Max Weber, and 'Property-formation policy' in contrast to 'property owning democract' of the UK to general his political underpinning. These event had substantial impact on current South Korea.

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