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GWS403: Feminist Cultural Theory

Course Convenor: Professor Maureen McNeil

The emergence of cultural studies in the 1970s opened-up new areas of scholarly enquiry and raised new issues about the politics of class, gender, race and sexuality. Although there have many changes since cultural studies original formations, feminist cultural studies today remains concerned with the effects of discursive and institutional practices of domination, subordination, and hegemony both in everyday life and within academic enquiry.

This course will consider some crucial feminist interventions within cultural production and cultural studies. It will examine contemporary debates in feminist theory and specific forms of activism that have identified and targeted hierarchical mechanisms that produce gendered, sexual, ethnic and racial identities and oppression. The course will be taught through the examination of case studies drawn from women's writing, cinema, photography and art. These case studies will enable us to bring feminist cultural theory into dialogue with a range of media and practices, facilitating the exploration of possibilities for resistance and innovation. These case studies will include: specific forms of feminist art practice, recent forms of body politics (particularly those associated with reproduction), and anti-feminist backlash.


Consist of a presentation (including a submitted, written component) and a 4000 word essay.

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