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Xiaoxuan Wei

Media and Cultural Studies Student

Xiaoxuan WeiLike lots of students who have dreams and prospects, I considered what I would learn if I chose Media and Cultural Studies as my degree before I came to Lancaster University. The experiences I have here prove that I am doing what I like. Being a 2+2 student from Guangdong Foreign Studies University, I can tell the difference between what we study in China and the UK. The courses are more academic and Lancaster University provides opportunities for us to put knowledge into practice.  In these two years, I have chosen courses on American Popular Music, Documentary Culture, Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema, Television, Society and Morality as well as other modules. 
These courses are as practical and interesting as they sound. What impressed me most was the project that I did with my British teammates making a documentary. During that process, I gained a lot of skills in both academic and practical elements. Up to now, I still enjoy life here and I do want you to join us. Studying Media and Culture at Lancaster University is a really good experience and I hope more and more excellent students can come and have this meaningful university life.

在我来到兰开斯特大学学习前,我和很多中国同学的疑问是一样的:如果我选择了传媒与文化这个专业,我会在兰开斯特大学学到什么呢? 带着疑问和梦想,我开始了英国的新生活。

因为我是2+2项目学生的缘故,曾经参加过广外2年学习的我可以很简单的为大家介绍兰卡和国内大学的不同之处。其实这里的课程可以说是更学术一些。在这兰开斯特的这两年, 我选择了美国流行音乐,记录片文化, 当代香港电影和电视社会与道德等课程。这些课程都是非常有趣和有用的。除此之外,兰开斯特大学为我们提供了很多实践的机会。

其中我参加的一个比较印象深刻的项目是和我的英国朋友一起做的一个纪录片。 在那段时间里,从学术和时间的方面我都学到了许多。在兰开斯特大学学习传媒文化对我来说是一次有意义的经验。希望可以有更多的中国同学来学习文化传媒,加入我们这个大家庭。

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