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Yanshan Peng

Media and Cultural Studies Student

Yanshan PengI come from China. I was living in Guangzhou, a city in Southern China before I came here. I decided to study at Lancaster University in the summer holiday after graduation from high school. I chose Lancaster University not only because I was in a 2+2 overseas study program between Lancaster University and Guangwai, but also  good atmosphere for studying and a good reputation for professionalism in research. Certainly Lancaster University's high ranking in British universities attracted me a lot.
I like my subject of Media and Cultural Studies. I can learn a lot of cultural theory from Europe which has influenced Western countries' development for centuries. In fact, these theories help me understand media and analyze it from a cultural perspective. It’s different from those media courses in China which teach more practical techniques, and I think what I learn in Britain can make me more sophisticated in different media fields. In addition, some of the modules I chose in Sociology are interesting and provide me with more angles to analyze social issues. Last year I chose the module Gender, Sexuality and Society, which has made me more open-minded on gender issues like homosexuality.

Both studying and living in Lancaster University are much better than I could have expected. I am very happy that every time I send an email to my teachers asking questions they reply to me quickly with very detailed answers. Unlike some other universities located in big cities, Lancaster University has a peaceful environment for studying, and has less temptations.  Living on campus also provides me with more opportunities to make friends with other students from Britain and to get to know British culture.




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