Anthony Aggidis

PhD student

Current Research

Prof David Allsop’s research group have recently developed a novel retro-inverted peptide-based amyloid beta aggregation inhibitor that may be useful for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Under Prof Allsop’s supervision my research will be investigating how selective the free peptide and nanoparticle versions of this inhibitor are by testing interactions with protein aggregation systems other than amyloid beta, such as Tau, which forms tangles consisting of paired helical filaments. If the peptide based inhibitors also prevent tangle formation, my research will focus on the mechanism behind this. Otherwise the research will investigate and attempt to find the critical region in tau to make tangle-specific peptide based inhibitors

A novel approach to the therapy of Alzheimer's disease based on peptide nanoliposome inhibitors of Aβ and tau aggregation
Allsop, D., Taylor, M.N., Fullwood, N.J., Michael, M., Aggidis, A., Vincent, S., Dale, M. 1/11/2017
Meeting abstract

Investigating pipeline and state of the art blood glucose biosensors to formulate next steps
Aggidis, A., Newman, J.D., Aggidis, G. 15/12/2015 In: Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 74, p. 243-262. 20 p.
Journal article