High quality, accredited modules which can build into a qualification.

Accredited modules teach key concepts, ideas, tools and techniques to apply at work.

Our modules carry credits at Higher Education level 6 and 7. They have been designed to minimise time off work and provide a mix of face-to-face sessions and interactive web-based learning; the format varies depending on the module.  Taught by supportive staff you will also benefit by networking and learning from other professionals.

A first degree is not essential as experience and aptitude count.

If you can demonstrate prior learning in any of the subject areas you can apply for credits through a process called the Accreditation of Prior Learning; this can ‘fast-track’ you to achieving a qualification.

Most of our short modules are free-standing but are also building blocks in postgraduate qualifications, so you can start with one module and build to a full Postgraduate Certificate or Masters Degree from one of the UK's top universities!

Modules (start dates)

* All modules are Level 7 unless otherwise stated.

Dealing with Difficult People (level 6) (February, June)

Negotiating and Influencing Skills (level 6) (February, June)

Collaborative and Team Working (January, May, September)

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving (March, November)

Developing Emotional Intelligence (April, November)

Entrepreneurial Skills (May)

Independent Work Based Learning (10 or 20 credits) (Flexible start dates)


Principles of Project Management (level 6) (February, October)

Planning and Controlling Projects (level 6) (March, May)

Introduction to Mentoring and Coaching (level 6) (May, November)

Introduction to Leading and Managing People (level 6) (March, October)

Leading and Managing People (June, November)

Understanding Leadership and Management (March, September)


Analysing Drivers for Change (March, November)

Leading Others Through Change (June, October)

Models for Planning Change and Improvement (April, September)

Evaluating Change (January, August)


Evidence Based Improvement Science (March, October)

Quality Improvement and Measurement (January, June)

The Role of Doctors in Health Service Improvement (April, September)


Understanding Organisation Development (March)

Organisations: Structure, Systems and Design (May)

Organisations: Culture, Values and Behaviours (January)


Personal Learning and Development (February, March, June, September)

Programme Negotiation (January, March, May, September)

Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning (January, April, June, September)

Practitioner Enquiry: Scoping Projects (January, May, June, October)

Practitioner Enquiry: Gathering Data (January, May, October)

Practitioner Enquiry: Analysing and Using Data (January, June, October)