Programme Requirements

The programme is taught over four modules which total 120 Masters level credits which equates to a postgraduate diploma.

The programme aims to equip trainees to become skilled CBT therapists who are suitably trained to apply for provisional Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBP) accreditation with the BABCP, though accreditation is an individual process and is not guaranteed by having successfully completed the programme.

The programme assesses academic and clinical competence throughout the programme and utilises the outcome of these assessments to contribute to the clinical portfolio.

The clinical portfolio is a 'live' document that is continually contributed to throughout the 12 month programme. The portfolio consists of eight completed assessment and treatment reports, three of which meet the criteria for closely supervised cases (a minimum of five hours of client contact and five hours of clinical supervision), four supervisor report forms (two completed within six months and the remaining two at the end of the programme), six self-rated CTS-R forms, evidence of reflection on CBT literature and evidence of reflective analysis of treatment sessions.


Academic requirements

Clinical case assignments

  • 4 clinical case assignments must be submitted:
    1. CBT assessment
    2. CBT for 'Anxiety difficulties'
    3. CBT for 'Depression' difficulties
    4. 'Complex' case study

Reflective process accounts

  • 4 reflective process accounts must accompany the clinical case assignments.

Clinical requirements

Clinical hours

  • A clinical log signed by supervisor(s) which demonstrates evidence of having delivered at least 200 hours of CBT within a primary care setting.

Summatively assessed clinical material

  • 3 CBT treatment sessions must receive a pass mark of at least 36 as measured by the CTS-R.
    These submissions must be linked to the closely supervised cases outlined below.

Clinical case work

  • A minimum of 8 completed treatment cases.
  • A minimum of 3 cases must meet the criteria for closely supervised (Minimum of 5 hours clinical contact and 5 hours clinical supervision).

Completed cases

  • Assessment and treatment with a minimum of 8 clients(with a range of presenting difficulties).

Clinical supervision hours

  • Minimum 35 hours from university based clinical supervision.
  • Minimum 35 hours from service based clinical supervision.

Self-rated CTS-R

  • 6 self-rated CTS-R forms must be submitted.