Operational Framework

The development and implementation of funded research projects require appropriate management and governance to ensure adequate support during each part of the process.

The Hub implements management and governance of cross-sectoral projects between the University and our Hub partners through an integrated support structure based on the principles of shared knowledge drawing on expertise, knowledge and advice from a range of organisations.

The Hub's key organisational features are as follows:

  • Governance - The Hub is governed by a Director, Associate Director and Manager, ensuring smooth operation of the interface between Hub partners and the University. Hub strategy and operating practices are reviewed bi-annually through an external management advisory board.

  • Operating Model - The Hub is a fee-paying partnership organisation operating on a 'hub and spoke' model. Strategy and working practices are reviewed with individual partners on an annual basis.

  • Operating Principles - engagement and collaboration between partners and the University on the basis of evidence-based practice through the mechanisms of knowledge exchange.

The Hub has established a formal operational framework with the NIHR CRN North West Coast and with Lancaster University's Research and Contracts Support Office to ensure smooth implementation of key functions for the management and governance of partner/University collaborative projects developed by the Hub.

In this model, the Hub provides a focus for liaison and co-ordination of these functions as appropriate at different stages of project development by ensuring communication between designated staff within each of the other two components of the model as shown:

NIHR CRN NWC     Lancaster University
Lancaster Health Hub
    Research & Contracts Support Office (RCSO)
Research & Enterprise Services (RES)
  • RM&G Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Lead Nurse
  • Industry Lead
  • Hub Manager
  • Hub Administrator
  • Hub partners
  • Research Support Officer
  • Intellectual Property
  • Development Manager