Operational Framework

The Health Hub has established a management and governance structure to ensure its smooth operation, liaison and linkage with other key structures within the university:

HEIF Management and Advisory Group (MAG)

The MAG comprises all Hub partners and other key stakeholders both from within the University and from key external organizations across the public, private and third sectors. To date, it is the only forum based within Lancaster University which brings together such a broad, cross sectoral array of perspectives to inform strategy and planning for collaborative research, innovation and other knowledge exchange activities within this field.

 The MAG discusses all aspects of the Faculty’s HEIF-funded work, and therefore encompasses not only the work of the Health Hub but also work on professional development and work-based learning which is led and delivered through CETAD.  As such, the MAG embodies the ethos of enabling close linkage between research, innovation and professional development activities, and of delivering a coherent approach toward external engagement with partner organizations, including NHS Trusts and CCGs.   

 Meetings are held quarterly and attended by:

  • Lancaster Health Hub core team
  • Director of CETAD
  • Representatives from all Hub partner organisations
  • Lancaster University HEIF KE Faculty Leads - FST, FASS, LUMS, FHM
  • Faculty Associate Dean for Research
  • Research Development Managers, Research and Enterprise Division
  • North West Coast AHSN
  • Lancashire County Council
  • Bionow
  • NHS R&D North West
  • Healthier Lancashire
  • Third Sector Lancashire

Connecting the HEIF MAG to FHM Research Committee, FHM PRC, and LU EIC

The faculty HEIF leads and the Associate Dean for Research sit on the MAG, whilst the Director of the Hub sits on the Faculty Research Committee. The MAG minutes are routinely made available to FHM PRC.

The Director of the Health Hub sits on the University’s Enterprise and Innovation Committee.

Minutes from the MAG meetings are made available to FHM PRC.

System to support smooth governance for joint research projects

 The Hub has established an effective operational framework with NHS Partner R&D Offices, Lancaster University's Research and Contracts Support Office, and NIHR Clinical Research Network NWC, to ensure smooth implementation of key functions for the management and governance of NHS/University collaborative projects developed by the Hub.‌

In this model, the Hub provides a focus for liaison and co-ordination of these functions as appropriate at different stages of project development by ensuring communication between designated staff within each of the components of the model as shown:

A diagram of the governance structure of Lancaster Health hub