Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust is dedicated to improving the health of its service users, carers and stakeholders by providing its staff with the most current research findings in the country and by actively taking part and leading in high quality research.

Prior to the Transforming Community Service programme we were a specialist Mental Health Trust focusing on mental health research. On the 1st June 2011 we became a Health and Wellbeing Trust. The services the trust provides include community nursing, health visiting and a range of therapy services including physiotherapy, podiatry and speech & language. Wellbeing services provided include smoking cessation and healthy lifestyle services. The Trust specialises in inpatient and community mental health services. This means we now lead and take part in a wider range of research studies benefiting communities across Lancashire.

The Trust’s high performance in achieving excellent permission times and delivering recruitment means we continue to be asked to participate in high quality national research projects and industry studies. Due to this success in February 2012 we were invited to deliver a Masterclass, ‘Building a successful research organisation; Managing national and local changes in research. Key lessons learned and successes in Lancashire Care’, at the Advances in Medical Science Conference. In August 2012 we were recognised as being the top Care Trust in the country for research activity.

The Trust participates in portfolio research (ie high quality, competitively funded research) and student research only.