Research Waste/EQUATOR Conference - September 2015

Dr Steve Milan, Project Development Manager, gave a poster presentation on the Lancaster Health Hub's engagement in the production of Cochrane systematic reviews at the Research Waste/Equator Conference in Edinburgh 28-30 September 2015.

 The Lancaster Health Hub is a strategic health partnership based in the North West of England comprising 10 organisations: 2 Universities, 3 Acute NHS Trusts, 2 Specialist NHS Trusts, 2 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and a consumer network.  The poster highlighted the strategic plan devised to grow research capability and review methods through the Hub research network, where potential review authors were identified across the network and the Hub-based editors worked with managing and coordinating editors of Cochrane Groups to identify priority review topics suitable for author teams.  This facet of the Hub’s work has, to date, introduced 32 new authors to the Cochrane Collaboration (10 from the university and 22 from our partner organisations).