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Noisy Knees!

Hub partners and colleagues in other organisations in the North West, led by Professor John Goodacre at Lancaster University, have been awarded £560,000 by the Medical Research Council to develop a device to identify osteoarthritis in the knee using sound waves.

Professor Goodacre said: "This work is very exciting because it involves scientists and clinicians from several different disciplines and sectors working together as a team to develop an entirely new approach. Potentially, this could transform the ways in which knee osteoarthritis is assessed and treated."

Marker for Autism

The Hub supported development of a biomedical physics study to investigate a new marker for autism spectrum disorder in children based on the nonlinear analysis of EEG waves, led by Professors Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock from Lancaster University in conjunction with colleagues at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The study received £152,000+ of funding, including £79,000 from Action Medical Research.

For further details about both of the above innovative research projects please see the July 2013 issue of the Hub Newsletter



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