Lancaster Health Hub Outputs

A selection of outputs arise from engagement and collaboration activities across the Hub Partnership network, including income, publications, events and workshop tools.

NIHR Clinical Lectureship

Dr Jane Martindale was awarded a 3-year NIHR Clinical Lectureship to undertake clinical studies on “Ankylosing Spondylitis throughout the life course”, which involves establishing a cohort of patients for long term observational studies, in collaboration with NHS partners. Additional funding was awarded for a research associate and NIHR allied health professionals intern both based at Lancaster University. [£155,116]

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships

In 2011 the Faculty of Health and Medicine was awarded two NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACF) and an NIHR Clinical Lectureship annually to support the training of local clinical research leaders of the future. The first ACF commenced his fellowship in September 2012. The University receives £4,500 to provide training over a three period.