Faculty Research Strategy 2014-2017

Research activity is integral to the function of the Faculty of Health and Medicine (FHM), as an important academic activity and to support our mission to deliver research-led teaching.


This strategy summarises current research strengths and outlines medium term plans to develop and sustain faculty research activity. It also includes strategy to deliver the impact of our research to user groups outside academia in line with expectations from government and funding bodies.

Individual members of staff within FHM are encouraged to pursue whatever research opportunities they deem suitable within the broad area of health and medicine and in line with principles of academic freedom, recognising that often this will require them to obtain external funding to support such activity. However, at Faculty level resources and appointments will be targeted to priority areas, reflecting the need to develop and maintain critical mass in a highly competitive research environment. These priority areas are expected to evolve as challenges within the field of health and medicine change and technical advances are made.