What Will You Study

Our Professional Practice course provides a flexible, bespoke work-based route to a postgraduate qualification.

The starting point is usually by enrolling on the module Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning or by progressing from a relevant Postgraduate Certificate.  The course has as its main focus a work-based project, rather than theoretical study, supported by your own personal learning and development. You will benefit from a highly relevant, customised course which also delivers outcomes for your organisation

There are key course components, all of which allow for high levels of customisation, choice and negotiation.  You negotiate your programme pathway, timescales, target award and award title.

Course components:

Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning

This module supports your claim for credit for prior learning.  It recognises the learning already acquired through experience and/or prior study and allows you to put these credits towards a postgraduate qualification.  Depending on the amount of credit awarded, you may enter the course directly at Postgraduate Diploma or Masters Degree stage.

Programme Negotiation and Project Scoping

Modules which support you to negotiate your course to meet your needs, the needs of your organisation and the requirements of the University and to scope your work based projects. If you already have a Postgraduate Certificate this is usually your starting point on the Professional Practice course.

Optional modules in a range of subject areas, chosen to meet your personal development needs


The scale and scope of your work based project depends on the target award. A small scale project might include an investigation to identify recommendations for change. A large scale project might be a substantive development such a designing a new service or developing and implementing a new policy. This would require demonstration of effective leadership, engagement of stakeholders, effective project management as well as knowledge and understanding pertinent to the specific project.

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