Funding your Masters

Tuition fees differ depending upon your place of normal residence, your nationality and your mode of study. Fees are revised annually, the information given below relates to the 2013/14 academic year.


MSc Biomedicine
MSc Medical Biotechnology and Leadership

Fees for full-time study (per annum)
UK/EU: £6,900
Overseas: £16,220

Fees for part-time study (per annum)
UK/EU: £3,450

MSc (Research) Biomedical Science
MSc (Research) Medical Sciences

For full time students the fee range is £3,900-£8,900 per annum (UK/EU) and £14,410-£19,560 per annum (Overseas) inclusive of bench fees, which are determined according to the requirements of the research project to be undertaken. The basic fee exclusive of bench fees for UK/EU students is £3,900 per annum and for Overseas students £14,410 per annum.

A project-specific bench fee of £1000, £2000, £3000, £4000 or £5000 per annum will be charged in addition to the basic fee. Applicants will be informed of the bench fee in their offer letter. In circumstances where a research project requires the use of exceptionally expensive materials, a higher bench fee may be charged.

MSc in Clinical Research

The course is delivered through blended learning with nine face-to-face contact days over the first year and the remainder undertaken through distance learning.
UK/EU: £6,534 per annum
Standard overseas: £12,880 per annum

The scheme is modular, with a tiered-exit design providing Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma awards as appropriate for participants who do not complete all modules for the MSc.

Postgraduate Courses in CETAD

Please see the CPD pages for the full range of short- and modular courses, and their associated fees.