PhD by Blended Learning

In addition to traditional UK style PhD supervision in any of our research areas, we offer a number of PhD programmes via blended learning: coursework and thesis.

These courses, which are international in focus and not restricted to any one professional group or discipline range, begin with two years of taught modules, delivered predominantly by distance e-learning, alongside one residential visit week per year at Lancaster University.  Years three to five are then spent undertaking a research project and thesis (35,000 words) at your own location, with supervision from Lancaster.

PhD in Ageing

This part-time programme offers you a flexible approach to your study due to its innovative blend of face-to-face and distance learning approaches. The curriculum provides opportunities to gain a deeper and more critical insight into ageing theory and practices relating to the care of older people from academics who are internationally recognised in this field.

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PhD in Dementia Studies

This part-time PhD provides you with the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and develop advanced skills in research design, practice and dissemination whilst gaining a deeper and more critical insight into dementia theory and practice. The innovative blend of face-to-face and distance learning approaches will appeal to individuals based in the UK and abroad.

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PhD in Health Economics and Policy

The PhD provides opportunities to gain a deeper and more critical insight into health economics theory, research and practice. It provides opportunities for individuals working within the field of health care to develop their understanding of theory, policy and practice, and make an original contribution to knowledge development within their field, while at the same time fulfilling their existing responsibilities within healthcare settings, industry, international organisations, local government, education, research, or management.

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PhD in Mental Health

The PhD provides opportunities for individuals working in mental health to engage in a higher level of education via blended learning, to gain core research skills, enhance leadership and knowledge management, and develop a deeper and more critical insight into mental health theory, translational research, and how this impacts on policy and practice. The PhD will be of interest to people with a relevant background who are working, or aspire to work, in the field of mental health.

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PhD in Organisational Health and Well-Being

This PhD provides an opportunity for individuals working within the area of organisational health and well-being to undertake advanced study and gain greater critical understanding of the relationship between work and health. The blended learning course is aimed at practitioners and individuals who are interested in the promotion and creation of healthy work places. 

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PhD in Palliative Care

The aim of this blended learning course is to equip people working in palliative, hospice and end of life care to undertake advanced study within their chosen field, including clinical work, education, research, management, policy and advocacy.

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PhD in Public Health

This PhD programme provides an opportunity for professionals working within public health to gain a deeper and more critical insight into their practice via blended learning. The course will attract practitioners involved in the delivery of public health services, public health research and policy development, and educational programmes in colleges and universities.

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