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KEYWORD 'Evaluation'

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Adult Learning, Basic Skills and Literacy

Development work in this area includes seminars, workshops, short courses and supported research-in-practice opportunities for tutors and students in ... Read more»

Keywords: Evaluation


European and Latin America Collaboration

ELAC aimed to use ICT as a mechanism to support learning in environmental management in Costa Rica, Mexcio and Nicaragua. CSET's roles was to provide ... Read more»

Keywords: Evaluation


Evaluating Education Action Zones

CSET is trialing an innovative approach to evaluation in one of the UK's Education Action Zones. This five year project collaborative project involvin ... Read more»

Keywords: Education Action Zones, Evaluation


Evaluating the Scottish HE policy on quality (QEF)

This project is evaluating the enhancement led approach to the development of quality within the HE sector in Scotland. The project is running from 20 ... Read more»

Keywords: Evaluation


Evaluation Capacity Building

The project provides for evaluation capacity building for HEI widening participation teams (WPTs) in the form of a development initiative involving re ... Read more»

Keywords: Evaluation