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Project Archive - Careers, Education and Guidance (including Connexions)

CSET is one of the UK's most active evaluation and training organisations providing support for those involved in careers education and guidance. It has recently been involved with the evaluation of Connexions Pilots and now works with Youth Services and other agencies in addition to schools, colleges and careers companies. The work CSET undertakes in this area can be divided into two:

  • Evaluation


CSET has an impressive record in evaluating careers education and guidance, and in recent years it has worked with schools, colleges and careers companies in most parts of the UK. Consequently, we have a sound grasp of the main issues in the world of careers education and guidance (and we are gradually building up our experience of Connexions too). CSET can either work as an independent evaluator or provide consultancy to those who wish to undertake their own evaluation but who also require a degree of external support.

CSET has been involved in the evaluation of most of the major recent careers projects, and during the past 12 months we have undertaken several consultancies related to Connexions. Careers education and guidance is experiencing major change at the moment and CSET is supporting the development of a number of new initiatives.


Providing INSET for careers teachers and careers advisers has been an important part of CSET's work for many years. However, we now find that we are being asked to provide training for a wider range of agencies linked to the Connexions initiative. CSET mainly provides training in the field of evaluation, programme development, work-related learning and career management skills. We are often asked to provide 'customised' training for specific purposes.

Examples of Recent Evaluation Projects:

1. An Evaluation of the Oldham Connexions Pilot (2001)

Paul Davies

The aim of this study was to review the progress of one of the first Connexions Pilots, produce a set of preliminary conclusions, and provide some pointers for subsequent development. This was a local study linked to the Connexions National Pilot

Funded by Oldham Connexions

2. An Evaluation of Learning Gateway (2001)

Paul Davies

This was a study of the Learning Gateway in Cumbria based on an in-depth interview study and questionnaire survey of participants' experiences. The study was built on five different sites in the county to enable countywide conclusions to be drawn.

Funded by Cumbria Careers Service

3. An Evaluation of "12 Conversations" (2001)

Paul Davies

"12 Conversations" is a new resource that has been developed by Prospects Services to help those new to Connexions and who have only limited experience of careers issues. CSET undertook a questionnaire survey of a range of services, agencies, projects and voluntary bodies in the Black Country and London areas and produced a report outlining the value of "12 Conversations" and how it might be developed in a range of formats.

Funded by Prospects Services

4. Curriculum Development Skills (2000)

Paul Davies

This was a project undertaken to help careers advisers understand the processes by which the curriculum is developed. It drew on theoretical models and a range of case studies and simulations undertaken by CSET. The project produced a curriculum development 'toolkit' enabling careers advisers to make strategic interventions in the curricula of the schools in which they worked.

Funded by a Consortium of Careers Companies

5. An Evaluation of the Work-Related Learning Project on Tyneside (1999)

Paul Davies

A study of students and teachers who participated in a project where students spent some of their time at KS4 learning at college or with training providers.

Funded by Tyneside TEC

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