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Project Archive - Training Strategies and Management Development


1. JITOL (Just-in-Time Open Learning)

Murray Saunders & Joan Machell

The broad objective of the project is to undertake, and evaluate, large scale pilot implementations of an IT(Information Technology)-based open learning environment for the professional development of individuals. In common with other DELTA (Development of European Learning through Technological Advance) projects, the participants in JITOL are drawn from several countries and represent both academic/research institutions and the private sector. 'Just in time' access to appropriate knowledge is being made available to users through the use of electronic communications networks. Murray Saunders and Joan Machell are co-ordinating the evaluation of this project which involves partners from France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Norway.

The evaluation was intended to be formative and to feed into the development of the project. A number of Deliverables (e.g. Reports and an Evaluation Tool Set) were produced.

JITOL was a pilot study within the DELTA Programme and was funded by the EC..


2. RAF Training: An Evaluation of the Feasibility of Introducing Alternative Delivery Methods

Murray Saunders & Joan Machell

The overall aim of the feasibility study was to provide decision makers with information and analyses of the feasibility of introducing alternatives to the existing system of training based in the Training School.

Data was collected through an inspection of documentation and interviews with key personnel and with a range of participants (for example training providers, learners, resource managers, senior management personnel).

The final report was produced in May 94.

Funded by The Ministry of Defence, 1993-1994.


3. Energy Efficiency Training for Russian Engineers

Murray Saunders & Joan Machell

The aim of the training programme was to provide a group of Russian engineers with technical and, in particular, management skills in the area of energy efficiency. CSET's brief was to evaluate this programme.

Interviews (face-to-face and telephone) have been carried out with the Russian trainees during the first two phases of the programme: classroom training in Scotland and work placements with various UK companies. The final phase of the programme - 'cascading' training to Russian colleagues - was evaluated in Russia in April 1994.

A final report was produced in 1994

Funded by The Overseas Development Administration,

May 1992 - May 1994


4. Managing in Lloyds Bank

Murray Saunders & Joan Machell

The training programme was designed to provide newly appointed managers with the skills they will need in the workplace. CSET's brief was to evaluate this programme.

Data was collected through interviews with key training personnel and course participants.

The main outcomes included an evaluation plan for Managing in Lloyds Bank which was generalisable to other management courses in the Bank. We also produced and piloted evaluation instruments with a small sample of trainees.

Funded by Lloyds Bank, 1994.


5. Evaluation of the United Distillers Technology Based Training Implementation Events

Gilly McHugh and Murray Saunders.

This was a short, formative evaluation which provided feedback for United Distillers (UD) on the implementation events designed to introduce the workforces on UD's four main sites to the newly established Open Learning Centres (OLCs). The report is based on the experiences of managers, team leaders and team members who attended 'road shows' and workshops and other introductory events.

Funded by United Distillers. Report to the Company completed in 1993.


6. Steering a Course Through Turbulent Waters: Strategies for Organisational Change

Julia Davies, Alison Fuller, Gill Helsby & Kathy Joyce.

Prepared for the Cumbria Higher Level Skills Project, this study describes the first phase of a project to develop and pilot a transferable higher level skills programme suitable for continuing professional development in industry and commerce. Using Colleges of Further Education as examples of small or medium sized enterprises confronting change, the work involved a training needs analysis amongst senior staff. The resultant data highlights many of the key management issues to be confronted by the organisations, at both strategic and operational levels, and also points towards general management training needs. An action plan is presented for the second phase of this project.

Funded by the Employment Department, 1992


7. The King's Fund Management Development Evaluation Programme

Gilly McHugh, Murray Saunders, Sadie Williams

Funded by the King's Fund £29,000, 1997.

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