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CSET's Aim

CSET's overarching aim is to promote understanding of education and training policy and practice both within the workplace and in schools, colleges and universities. To this end, CSET provides a base for research and evaluation, uses this base as a resource for teaching, further research or development and contributes to the national and international debate in its areas of interest.

CSET's Approach and Underlying Principles

Flexible: CSET can carry out a variety of professional tasks including consultancy, evaluation, research, teaching, facilitating, informing, hosting workshops and conferences, short training courses.

Independent: CSET maintains a high standard of impartiality. It is also important to many of our clients that we are not funded by any single agency.

Responsive: CSET gives priority to careful collaboration and negotiation with potential clients, colleagues and practitioners, in order to be sensitive to their needs and to understand the issues that affect them.

Dependable: CSET emphasises the need to honour negotiated briefs and commissions by openly communicating progress, by sticking to deadlines, and by producing reports, advice and other deliverables at agreed times.

Quality: In the context of these characteristics, CSET aims for high quality practice in all of its activities with collaborators, clients or customers. It is continually evolving its procedures and protocols to address the need for the highest standards of professional performance.