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CSET undertakes work with National & International Organisations, Central and Local Government, TECs, Employers, and with all sections of the education and training community including Research Councils, Schools, Colleges and Universities. CSET's flexibility allows it to work over short or long time scales, on projects ranging from half-day consultancies to those spanning several years.

CSET's main services include:-

· Research: including qualitative and quantitative studies; small and large scale projects; participatory research; linking research and practice (for example working with practitioners, students etc. to develop their own research skills); policy-related research; collaborative links with researchers in a number of countries including Australia, Canada, China, Kenya, Nigeria, the European Union, the United States and Russia.

· Evaluation: including formative and summative evaluations; international, national and local projects; working with organisations to develop self-evaluation skills; working with the Business and Education sectors; policy-related evaluation and evaluation of specific practical initiatives and concerns

· Consultancy: including advice on vocational education and training strategies, on a wide range of learning delivery methods and on evaluation and quality issues

· Conferences: including organising conferences on themes related to CSET's main areas of work; contributing papers on our current research to international, national and regional conferences

· Workshops: in both the Business & Education Sectors on a wide variety of topics, including Staff Development, Planning, Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Developing Performance Indicators, Adult Learning

· Quality Assurance Advice and Support: specifically on links between evaluation and quality

· Networking & Facilitating: including establishing and facilitating networks of groups with similar interests, for example TEC networks; Workplace Basic Skills Training Network.

· Teaching: Members of CSET use their skills and knowledge to contribute towards the teaching of undergraduates & postgraduates and the supervision of research students. We also organise short training courses in our areas of expertise.