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1. North West Whole School Flexible Learning Project:
Gill Helsby, Gilly McHugh and Murray Saunders .

This was a small-scale evaluation which explored the development of whole-school strategies for the introduction of flexible learning.

Publications and Reports:

North West Whole School Flexible Learning Project: Phase One report.

Gill Helsby, Gilly McHugh & Murray Saunders.

Funded by the Employment Department, 1990

2. Supported Self Study
Gill Helsby

This study involved an evaluation of a special project, to stimulate the development of Supported Self Study (SSS) in secondary schools and colleges. The findings emphasised the potential benefits of SSS in enhancing student learning, meeting individual needs and encouraging greater student responsibility, as well as meeting particular curriculum needs, especially with regard to competence-based qualifications. However, much depended upon adequate resourcing, in terms both of equipment and of learning materials, and upon the organisational and interpersonal skills of the teacher.

Funded by Cheshire TVEI, 1989.

3. JITOL (Just-in-Time Open Learning)
Murray Saunders & Joan Machell

The broad objective of the project is to undertake, and evaluate, large scale pilot implementations of an IT(Information Technology)-based open learning environment for the professional development of individuals. In common with other DELTA (Development of European Learning through Technological Advance) projects, the participants in JITOL are drawn from several countries and represent both academic/research institutions and the private sector. 'Just in time' access to appropriate knowledge is being made available to users through the use of electronic communications networks. Murray Saunders and Joan Machell are co-ordinating the evaluation of this project which involves partners from France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Norway.

The evaluation was intended to be formative and to feed into the development of the project. A number of Deliverables (e.g. Reports and an Evaluation Tool Set) were produced.

JITOL was a pilot study within the DELTA Programme. The project was funded by the EC.

4. Evaluation of the Dearne Valley Telematics Learning Project
Joan Machell & Gilly McHugh, 1997 - on-going.

This project has as its core objective the development of higher education and telematics learning for increasing participation and raising achievement as a catalyst for economic regeneration in the Dearne Valley, Yorkshire.

This evaluation is being funded by Sheffield University