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Murray Saunders is the director of CSET. He has worked in the Department of Educational Research since 1980, specialising in evaluation and research on change in educational policy, particularly vocational and work related programmes. He also has an interest in comparative education policy in Europe, Africa and China.

Dee Daglish has worked in the Department of Educational Research since 1980 and provides secretarial and administrative support for all CSET staff.

Paul Davies worked as a careers teacher and officer before joining CSET and specialises in evaluating careers education and guidance provision. He has published widely on issues relating to careers and guidance and currently provides INSET to the Careers and Guidance Services of a number of local authorities.

Angela Gelston is the Project Assistant and has worked for CSET since 1985. She manages the quantitative research data from the design stage to the production/analysis of results for various projects within the Centre, and also manages data handling and monitoring of qualitative projects.

Mary Hamilton joined the Department of Educational Research in 1981 and is deputy director of CSET. Her main areas of interest are in adult and continuing education; policy issues; comparative perspectives; processes of adult learning and issues of access and transition for mature students. She is a founder member of the national network, Research and Practice in Adult Literacy (RaPAL) and a core member of the Lancaster Literacy Research Group.

Gill Helsby has been researching and evaluating vocational education and training, particularly in the 14-19 age group since 1983. She also specialises in evaluation and quality issues, and has been widely involved in training and consultancy in that area. Current research interests include the impact of educational reforms upon teachers’ work and upon teacher professionalism, and teachers' continuing professional development.

Joan Machell has been involved with the evaluation of technology-assisted / work-based learning for some years and has worked on major European collaborative projects in this area. She is currently working on a number of evaluations within the FE and HE sectors. She is interested in assessment and qualifications both in higher education and in the workplace, and has a particular interest in the issue of the reconstruction of learning.

Sadie Williams joined CSET in 1995 to carry out research on policy issues in higher and further education. She has also been involved in a number of other projects connected with employment and training issues. She has a particular interest in the uptake of maths and science options at the post-complusory level, labour market choices and teacher expectations.