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Call for Book Proposals on Research in Networked Learning

We are pleased to announce that the publishers Springer, New York have commissioned a new Book Series on Research in Networked Learning edited by Vivien Hodgson and David McConnell
As part of the series, after each biannual conference an edited book of selected papers from the conference will be published
In addition individual Book Proposals are invited on research in networked learning. Below are details of the Book Series and information on how to submit a book proposal to the series editors.

What is Networked Learning?

Networked learning is "learning in which information and communication technology is used to promote connections: between one learner and other learners, between learners and tutors; between a learning community and its learning resources".

The definition takes a relational stance towards learning, which is defined as taking place both in relation to others and in relation to learning resources. The central term in the definition of networked learning is connections. These connections include interactions between people and materials and resources, but interactions with materials alone are not sufficient. Networked learning requires some element of human-human interaction mediated through digital technologies.
And importantly, Networked Learning’s interest in technology is only in exploring and understanding ways it can be incorporated into pedagogy and learning designs to support and mediate critical and productive learning.


The field of networked learning has been emerging as an exciting and innovative area of work since the 1990’s. It now includes a very active community of researchers investigating the nexus between the use of technology in higher education, and its underpinning theory, practice and pedagogy.

It is supported by the international bi-annual networked learning conference, which is regularly attended by an international group of researchers from many different countries and regions. The Networked Learning conference series has already produced two books based on papers presented at the conference. At NLC 2002 (Goodyear, P., Banks, S, Hodgson, V. and McConnell D.(Eds) 2004) and NLC 2010 (Dirckinck-Holmfeld, L., Hodgson, V. and McConnell, D. (Eds) 2012). As part of this proposed Book Series, plans are underway for a third book based on work presented at NLC 2012 in Maastricht.

The maturity of the networked conference, the books already published, plus the innovative, and high level, of work produced makes this a potentially very exciting series to support. Networked learning is a field that has become a highly relevant area of research and thinking in our networked and digital world.

Scope of the Book Series

Networked learning is generally restricted to learning that is mediated by digital networks, including social networking sites and other Web 2/3 virtual spaces that support user interaction and content generation. Like CSCL it has a strong interest in collaborative learning but networked learning implies a greater concentration on remote rather than face-to-face collaborations. Networked learning literature also tends to emphasise more collaborations involving medium to large numbers rather than dyads or very small groups.

However networked learning is not restricted to collaborative learning nor is it restricted to the strong links that terms like cooperation, collaboration and community imply. Rather the theory and pedagogy of networked learning is more concerned with developing approaches to learning that encourage and support learners to be critical and ethically responsible citizens in both their practice and lives.
Note: Networked learning’s interest in technology is only in exploring and understanding ways in which it can be incorporated into pedagogy and learning designs to support and mediate critical and productive learning.

How to Submit a Proposal

We welcome proposals on any aspect of research in networked learning. In the first instance, please contact Vivien Hodgson and David McConnell with a two to five  page outline of your book proposal, explaining its scope and relevance to networked learning and brief description of proposed chapters. We will treat this as an opportunity to discuss the proposal with you and if it seems a worthy proposal we will invite you to submit a fuller, more detailed proposal for review by us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Book Series on Research in Networked Learning.

Vivien Hodgson and David McConnell


Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Lone, Hodgson, Vivien and McConnell, David. (Eds) (2012) Exploring the Theory, Pedagogy and Practice of Networked Learning. NY, Springer

Goodyear, Peter, Banks, Sheena, Hodgson, Vivien and McConnell, David.(Eds) (2004) Advances in Research on Networked Learning. Dordrecht: Kluwer.

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