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What is CHEXIT?

Background on the CHEXIT project

Computers and cameraThe Consortium for Higher Education Exchange in Instructional and Information Technologies (CHEXIT) project proposes to combine a program of student exchanges, faculty exchanges, and a more internationalized curricula serving participating members. This project is funded by FIPSE of the US Department of Education and by the European Union (EU). The project is part of the EU-USA-CANADA programme for cooperation in higher, further and vocational education.

The purposes of the CHEXIT internship exchange programme are:

  • to improve understanding of international and cross-cultural issues in human resource development
  • to foster a higher level of competence in instructional design, software interface design, computer-based training, and curriculum development/training

The consortium is comprised of the following universities:


This three-year grant-funded project will provide three to five selected students with the following benefits:

  • a stipend of approximately 3000 Euros
  • a moderate salary in some cases
  • living expenses in some cases
  • the experience of living and working in the United States or Europe in the field of instructional learning technologies


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