Creating Accessible Websites


Since September 2002 the University has been obliged to ensure that students and staff do not face discrimination on the ground of disability. The purpose of this website is to provide resources and advice to University staff and students to enable them to create accessible websites.

It provides information on:

• The legal obligations of educational institutions under SENDA 2002
• Techniques and HTML code to make sites accessible
• How disabled users adjust their browswers and use assistive technology to read web pages
• How to test a website for accessibility
• Where to find further information
• How to get help at Lancaster University

Why Websites Should be Accessible

• Inaccessible websites can discriminate against disabled users by causing confusion, slowing them down or forcing them to seek information in an alternative format.
• You cannot make any assumptions about the abilities of people who visit your site - blind students have been registered on art courses in this University.
• Accessible websites are more "future proof" and should work on new technology such as web phones.
• Accessible websites are more cross-platform and are more likely to display as you intend regardless of browser or operating system.
• Accessible websites are more usable and so improve the experience for all visitors.
• Accessible websites load faster.
• Someone might take you to court.


The material presented on this website is for guidance and resource information purposes only. It is intended that the material be used to assist web authors with regards to appropriate and reasonable practice but should not be taken as a comprehensive or definitive guide. As such, neither the University, nor the individual author of this site, accepts legal responsibility for the information provided here.

This website should be acessible. If you find any faults with the site or can improve or add to the advice given, please contact Alison Sharman who will be pleased to update it.

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