Creating Accessible Websites

Customising Web Pages

The instructions below work for Internet Explorer 6. For assistance with other browsers see the RNIB website.

Disabled users easily alter the appearance of web pages by changing their browser settings. To enable them to do this, your pages should be built with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Courses are available through ISS or contact Alison Sharman.

You can follow the instructions below to see whether or not your website can be customised. You can print these instructions as a Word doc.

Customising web pages can greatly assist dyslexic users. Please encourage your dyslexic students to experiment with their browsers or ask IT staff to help them create a personalised style sheet.

Changing Text Size

In newer versions of Internet Explorer or Navigator, select View>Text Size. Change the size and see if the text in your web page adjusts accordingly. If nothing happens, check that the font size has been created using a scalable unit such as %.

Changing Text and Background Colours

In Internet Explorer, select Tools>Internet Options and click on "Accessibility".
Check "Ignore colours specified on Web pages" and click on OK.
Click on "Colours" in the remaining dialogue box.
Uncheck "Use Windows colours".
Select new colours for the text and background and click on OK.
Check that your web page has been updated. You may need to click on the "refresh/reload" button.

To return your browser to its default settings check "Use Windows colours", click on OK. Click on "Accessibility" and uncheck " Ignore colours" etc.

Removing Style Sheets

Disabled users should be able to remove your style sheet.

Select Tools>Internet Options and clickon "Accessibility".
Check "Ignore colours", "Ignore fonts" and "Ignore font sizes".
Click on OK and see what effect this has on your web pages.

Changing the Style Sheet

Users can replace your style sheet with their own by following the steps above and by also selecting "Format documents using my style sheet". Test whether your website will allow you to do this.

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