Lancaster University Ghana offers an attractive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree schemes.



Management School Programmes

BSc Business Studies

Duration: 3 Years

Our Business Studies degree gives you a practical overview of how businesses and managers operate in an international environment and provide you with an excellent foundation in the core disciplines of management studies. We encourage you to study individually and collectively through group projects, presentations, practical case studies and business simulations.

On this programme, you will specialise in two optional areas of management alongside our core modules. You will start your degree with a critical introduction to Business and Management, and Business Analytics.

Home Department: Lancaster University Management School

BA Economics & International Relations

Duration: 3 Years

Studying Economics and International Relations at Lancaster gives you the opportunity to enjoy world class training in challenging and demanding research-led programmes that develop students into strong independent learners.

Your degree is based on the politics that have shaped the modern world and you will learn from staff exploring issues such as war and governance and their impact on the global economy. You'll begin your degree with core modules in the Principles of Economics and Politics and Governance in the Contemporary World.

Home Department: Economics

BSc Accounting & Finance

Duration: 3 Years

Our Accounting and Finance degree provides you with a sound technical knowledge and a broad understanding of the role of accounting and finance in the business world. The accounting courses involve detailed technical material to enable students to grasp key concepts necessary for analysing and preparing information to meet companies' external financial reporting requirements. Internal reporting of information, analysis of such information, and the planning and control of organisation activities are also of the accounting courses you will study on this course. The finance courses encompass financial strategy, and the decision-making process for investment and risk management.

Home Department: Accounting and Finance

BSc Marketing

Duration: 3 Years

This degree will provide you with an excellent grounding in Marketing, including the role and importance of market research and analysis as well as understanding consumer behaviour. You will learn about Marketing as a management function and socio-cultural phenomenon and develop your knowledge of marketing strategy and industrial marketing. You will be able to select from a range of modules according to your specific interests and career plans.

On our three-year Marketing course, you will carry out market research projects with 'live' clients – including international brands, agencies, charities and local industries – to develop your professional consulting abilities.

Home Department: MarketingDepartment of Marketing

Arts and Social Sciences


Duration: 3 Years

At Lancaster University Ghana, you will be able to study the core foundation topics for a Ghanaian Law Degree, you'll be able to pursue your own interests through a list of optional modules - some cover technical legal topics, while others explore the relationship between Law and society. You will also have exciting opportunities to visit courts, participate in mooting competitions and undertake invaluable pro bono work.

You'll begin your degree with modules including Ghanaian Legal System and Methods; Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Contract Law and Legal Method and Legal Writing, Mooting and Basic Legal Advocacy. You'll then move on to second-year courses such as Land Law; Law of Torts, Family Law and Company Law. You will be able to choose courses from a list of electives in the second and third years.

Please note that the offer of the LLB Law is subject to final approval of the General Legal Council of Ghana.

Home Department: Law

BA Politics and International Relations

Duration: 3 Years

This degree explores connections between political practice and theory and the state and society, using examples drawn from the most topical issues of global and local concern. In your first year, our Politics and Governance in the Contemporary World course will introduce you to the core themes, concepts and events of Politics and International Relations. You will also be able to follow your own interests, choosing courses from two other departments.

Home Department: Politics, Philosophy and Religion

Science & Technology

BSc Psychology

Duration: 3 Years

As well as studying the work of some of the greatest psychological thinkers in history, we encourage you to play your part in the debate and explore your own thoughts and theories. In your first year, you develop foundations for appreciating good research techniques and strategies, which will eventually help you to carry out your own studies.

You begin your studies with two Psychology modules as well as one other subject of your choice. The Understanding Psychology module covers a range of topics designed to introduce several broad themes, including how people think, how children develop, how the brain works and how people interact.

Home Department: Psychology

BSc Computer Science

Duration: 3 Years

Our Computer Science degree programme offer a curriculum that combines theory and practice. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical involvement strikes a healthy balance between traditional academic learning and more hands-on experiences.

Supportive teaching staff are always on hand to provide guidance and advice, ensuring that you make the right choices and get the most out of the course. Your degree will equip you with technical skills enabling you to work in professional software and system development environments.

Home Department: Computing and Communications (School of)



MA International Relations

Duration: 12 Months (Full-time)

This is a broad based programme of study for those wishing to gain a thorough grounding in the theory, structure and working of the modern international system. It aims, first, to provide all students with a basic grounding in the theory of international relations and the different approaches that may be taken to the subject and, second, to enable students to gain a more detailed knowledge of those aspects of international relations in which they wish to specialise.

Students take five taught modules, each assessed by a 5,000 word essay, and a dissertation.

Home Department: Politics, Philosophy and Religion

Global Executive MBA

Duration: 24 Months (Part-time)

The Global Executive MBA programme is designed to build your functional knowledge and your leadership capability through a combination of taught modules in key management areas interspersed with experiential projects, or challenges, where you apply that knowledge to specific business issues. These are complemented by action oriented coursework assignments in your organisation.

The programme brings employers, participants, and faculty together in partnership to deliver maximum benefits to both individual and organisations. There is also considerable portability of learning for those seeking to use the programme as a springboard for career advancement.

The taught modules are grouped into three key themes or perspectives:

  • The Strategic Perspective – the 'big picture' of where the organisation is and wants to go
  • The Relational Perspective – the 'soft skills' and people management aspects of leadership practice
  • The Practice Perspective – the practical aspects of leading and managing the various business functions

Home Department: Lancaster University Management School