Linking OneSearch with Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar? Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes the content of scholarly material published on the Web and in electronic books and journals.

Does it index everything? No, Google have made arrangements with a number of publishers to allow Google to index the content of the publisher's books and journals. But not all publishers have agreed to allow Google access to their content – a great deal of scholarly literature is still only available through the various databases and electronic publications to which the Library subscribes – these can be found using our OneSearch discovery service.

How do I link Google Scholar with OneSearch? Go to Google Scholar and look for the settings link:

Then look for the Library links option:

Type 'lancaster university' into the search box and then select 'Lancaster University - Find It@Lancaster' by checking the box and clicking on the Save button:

Now carry out a search on Google Scholar and look for 'Find It@Lancaster' links. The 'Find It@Lancaster' links will link you back to OneSearch, where you can find links to the full text, or link you straight to the article:

Do I have to log in to anything? There is no requirement to log in to Google itself, but if you follow an 'Find It@Lancaster' link then you may be required to log in to a publisher's Web site, particularly if you are working from off campus. If you are off campus then it is best to sign in to OneSearch first.