OneSearch is the discovery tool that enables you to find search both print items in the Lancaster University Ghana Library and Lancaster University's huge collection of online resources.

We recommend Signing In to OneSearch when you use it. By signing in to OneSearch, you can access your personal account, where you can save useful results in your e-shelf, renew your loans, request items that are currently out on loan, and set some personal preferences. Signing in will also give you a much better experience when accessing our electronic resources from OneSearch. 

Signing In to OneSearch

This short video will show you how to Sign In to OneSearch.

Forgotten your username or password? Contact the Lancaster University Ghana IT Helpdesk

Searching OneSearch

The default search mode in OneSearch is Ghana Collections. This searches the contents of the Lancaster University Ghana Library, and the huge electronic collections of Lancaster University. 

Type in a search term, and OneSearch will return results ranked by relevance. The Refine My Results panel on the left of the screen gives you a number of ways to refine and limit your results.

To limit your results to only books held in the Lancaster University Ghana Library, click the Available in the Library option. To see only electronic results, click Full Text Online.

Refine My Results gives a number of other ways to limit your results, including date, topic and author.

Finding Books in the Lancaster University Ghana Library

Results on OneSearch that are held in the LU Ghana Library have an item type of Book. If they are currently available, the result will say Available at Ghana Library Lancaster University. The code after this location is called the Classmark. 

‌To find available books on the shelves in the Library, use the Classmark. Each book has it's Classmark on a spine label. Please ask at the Library Counter if you need help finding an item.

If a book is on loan, OneSearch will show that the item is Checked Out. To check the due date and to place a request on the item, click the Find & Request option. See our Requesting Guide for more information. 

Accessing Electronic Results on OneSearch

Electronic Results on OneSearch can include eBooks, eJournal Articles, websites and more. The Item Type will tell you what sort of item it is. Clicking on an item title will give you more information about that item. The quickest way to access the full text of the item is to click the View Online option.

If you have already logged in to OneSearch, you should not have to log in to most Electronic Resources again.

If you encounter a different login box, our Logging In To Electronic Resources guide should be able to help you login. If you are still having difficulties, try our Troubleshooting Guide or Contact Us.