Off Campus Access

Athens and UK Federation

Students and staff at Lancaster should sign in to OneSearch with their network username/password. Anyone can search OneSearch as a guest user, but if you are off campus or wish to view your Library account information then you should sign in.

If you go directly to a resource without signing in to OneSearch then you may need to look for any Athens or UK Federation (sometimes called Shibboleth) links. We do not use Athens personal accounts at Lancaster so you will need to click on the 'Alternative login' link, as shown in the screenshot below.

The Athens login box

You should then see the following screen (or similar), where you can search for Lancaster's sign-in page.

The Athens Find Organisation box

You should then see Lancaster's CoSign page, where you should sign in with your network account details.

The CoSign login box

Some resources require an extra login, whether you are on or off campus. These are handled by the Athens/UK Federation service. At present they are:

  • British Library Sound Archive
  • Census (Casweb)
  • Digimap
  • UK Data Archive

To access these services:

  • Sign in to OneSearch
  • Search for the database you want to use
  • Look for an Athens or UK Federation link – click on it, choose Lancaster University from the list of institutions and follow instructions

Unique usernames and passwords

Some resources require different credentials to the above, whether you are on or off campus. At present these are:

  • Archaeological Journal
  • Foresight: the International Journal of Applied Forecasting
  • Lloyd's Law Reports
  • Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly
  • Oracle (International Institute of Forecasters)

The usernames/passwords can be obtained from here.

Virtual Private Network

Users of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service are able to use most Library resources as if they were on campus. ISS offer the VPN service to allow access to personal filestore from off campus. This involves some configuration to your off campus machine. ISS provide instructions and support.