Supporting Culture and Community Studies and Research

Will you help us preserve our global culture and heritage?


By donating to support our work in the Culture & Community theme, you’d be helping to promote cooperation and understanding across communities while encouraging engagement in the arts and cultural activities.

We have a remarkably cross-disciplinary approach to teaching and research. Lancaster University brings together politics, philosophy, religion and the arts in a unique way, providing a creative springboard for new ideas which can be applied in a wide range of disciplines, including business and technology.

Lancaster also has a strong track record in using our work in this area to seek solutions to international crises springing from religious intolerance or prejudice. Furthermore, we help to build community inclusivity by responding to socio-economic issues which exclude sections of society from the mainstream.

As an example of our commitment to this field, we established the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA) to draw together and enrich our teaching and research across art, design, film studies, music and theatre studies.


How might your donation be used?

Your donation could help to:

  • Fund research projects which will help preserve our global culture and heritage
  • Enable the purchase of essential equipment for use by students and researchers
  • Help students showcase their work
  • Fund a teaching post
  • Fund a deserving overseas student’s postgraduate degree in a related field
  • Pay for construction work within the faculty.

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How can you give?

How can you give?

Find out about the various ways to give, including single donations, regular gifts, gifts of shares and legacies. 

Are you a UK taxpayer?

Are you a UK taxpayer?

UK taxpayers can increase the value of their gifts by 25% — so please remember to tick the Gift Aid box and provide your name, address and signature when you donate. Thank you!

Are you in the USA?

Are you in the USA?

Over 3,000 of our alumni live in the United States. Find out how to give through Friends of Lancaster University in America Inc.